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    About us    

Base institute is where languages and communication achieve their ultimate purpose. We are a group of teachers, translators and life coaches who enjoy languages to their fullest. Not only do we like teaching, we love learning too! Thus, we are constantly researching, studying and listening to get better at what we do, and to be the best versions of ourselves.

With us you can learn Spanish, French, German, Portuguese or get better at English and you’ll have fun at the same time. We make sure you enjoy the process or learning, meaning each class is a motivating appointment in your schedule. As you are generous enough to give us your time, we have the responsibility to make it worth your while, that’s why we’ll make sure you have a fun, interesting and motivating hour with an engaging teacher!

We also do all types of translations (transcriptions, subtitling, interpreting, etc.) where we take into account cultural factors and not “just language” as we have all lived in different countries. If you are flirting with the idea of moving abroad yourself, we recommend having a few sessions with our coaching team who specializes in working with expats, and we can also help with most situations related to moving, cultural clashes, job changes, and personal growth.

If you would want to learn how to teach your native language (or one that you master) so that you can teach it abroad (or in your home town!) we are also your go-to place: take our “learn to teach” course and you’ll never be tied down geographically for work.

True to our promise of tailor-making, coherent with our belief that everyone is different, we are also open to hearing what you want, need or look for. So don’t hesitate to ask for a language we don’t offer, a course we haven't thought of yet, or anything you can come up with… we love challenges!


Our Team

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